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Saving money to buy a home can be daunting and off-putting, to the point where one thinks, “screw it, it’s easier just to stay in this apartment.” For those who wish to have a home, build equity and root down just a bit deeper in a corner of their world, mortgage companies and other lenders have programs that indeed make it easier — from plans as low as %1 — %3 down, to lucrative options for veterans (both retired and active duty) and, with some bird-dogging with other companies, home buying down payments with as little as zero down do exist, depending on your circumstance. But one Detroit company, BoostUp.com, is making it about easy as possible to raise that down payment. You just have to hustle bit.

BoostUp.com is a crowdsourcin tool. At its cores, this means you’re asking people for money to acheive a goal of yours. This is not a bad thing. Friends — and those you recently became acquainted or know only in a fringe capacity;  but know nonetheless — belive ir or not, want to see greatness in you, even if they don’t know ou so well. They feel this way so they can harbest the dormant greatness they’re missing in themselves.

Yes, you’re soliciting friends and family for donations to get yourself into a house (or, in some cases, a car). If they care about you, they’ll kick down $20 or $80. This can replace so many well-meaning but missing-the-mark birthday, holiday or wedding gifts. The full story was publishing on Zing, the official Quicken Loans company blog, and can be read in full, glorious, entiterity here.

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